Friday, December 26, 2008

To List, Inform and Promote ... Post Here

To get listed in Directory, leave in the comment your nic, name of blog, url address and brief description of content (eg general, politics, personal, film, women, current issue .. etc) in the comment. It will be posted at the next updating.

To inform of SoPo or p-SoPo happenings, leave in the comment the event and link (if website avaiable). If info not available on other website, leave date, time, cost, place, and contact. It will be put up as a posting and alerted and hyperlinked on "Updates".

To promote a conducted SoPo or p-SoPo survey or petition or other SoPo stuff, leave in the comment the information as per happenings.

Be brief and straight to the point. No requirement for opinions and remarks.

Thank you.
A Voice @ Another Brick in the Wall


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Anonymous said...

content: general, sports, education, complaints, etc

armnur said...

my website add

name of blog - lindazerain

contect: politics, current issues

Mohd Hilmi Ramli said...

Dear bro

1. my personal blog

2. PRU 12 blog

FiZOW said...

hello bro..this my link

this general blog...

The Satirist said...

Blogger: The Shameless Satirist

Content: Current issues, satire, humourous analysis of current regional and international affairs. Malaysian based.

Citizen Monitor said...

Dear sir,

Permission to link.
Its a new blog and it remains impartial/berkecuali.
Acts as a buffer betw.citizen and YB or public authority.
The cyber world does works wonder.Hopefully time the essence public grouses could be solve with relevent YB's or bodies. said...

Name : Lukmanw
Description : Matters related to OSH (Occupational Safety & Health), Environment, Emergency Response & Disaster, etc. (Language; mixed English/Bahasa, priority to Bahasa)

Description: general, traveling, humour, etc. (Language; Bahasa)

Malaysian Joe said...

a real beginner here.

realfatshady said...

Hi mikelim.Been SoPo since 2 years ago but have kept my blog privatised until now.Been involved in sloones debate site.Note some post might be politically incorrect.And i do suppose at 15 i am the youngest.

Anonymous said...

Social Commentary from an Undergrounduate

Social commentary - Politics - Current issues - Entertainment

2004 - Present

Anonymous said...

Suara keprihatinan rakyat marhaen dalam

nawawi mahmood at

ambang said...

masukkanlah untuk jadi sahabat
blog : ambang
url :
content : poetry


Anonymous said...

Masukkanlah untuk jadi sahabat of United Bloggers
blog : SERANTING Whitenaval - Akhbarulhaq
url :
content : Malaysian politics

Anonymous said...

blog name : orang melayu
url :

content : politic (umno members)

ross anwar said...

Name: MalaysianReview
nick: RossAnwar
category: Malaysian current issues
description: non partisan commentaries on malaysian current issues

Anonymous said...

Name: Pembela Melayu
nick: Pembeila Melayu
category: general, politics, current issue
description:Pembela Melayu Sejati yang akan mempertahankan hak keistimewaan Melayu.

Anonymous said...

Blues Orang Jelebu
by Babazahra'
politics and current issue from Jordan to Jelebu, radical and sarcastic.

LEKLOOK said...


Anonymous said...

Social,Review,Tech,Pictures said...

general, Politics & current issue

blog name:


Unknown said...


Blog name: Step Left, New Moment
About: Chronicles my journey and my views as a political "freshie"

MalayMind said...

content: politics, general

Admin said...

Name : Dr Novandri Hasan Basri

Position:1.Ketua Penerangan Pemuda UMNO, Bhg. Bukit Gelugor, Pulau Pinang. 2. Pengerusi Klinik Kesihatan Bergerak Pemuda UMNO. 3.Penulis Bebas 4.Doktor Perubatan

Blog Name: Minda Intelek Melayu


Content: Own articles which were published in mainstream newspapers regarding politic, malay dilemma & current issues. And compilation of extensive studies regarding national & international issues.

Blogger : Since September 2005

Zaharuddin said...


blog utama rujukan hukum hakam dan menyentuh isu semasa umat Islam...

blog sangat popular yang belum dimasukkan dalam senarai anda.

armouris said...

nic : armouris
name of blog : Malaysian Alternative Video News
url :
Content : Politics, Issues

Anonymous said...

Salam buat semua saudaraku malaysia... apa kabar semoga kita dapat saling memberi dan saling mendukung... amin


HzY said...

Dear sir,

Plz inform & promote:
Blog title `Pada Hemat Teman'
Specializing on Local & Regional Politic affair, social critic, humor, poem, books comment.



Anonymous said...

a'kum.salam sejahtera..

mengalu-alukan sahabat blogers semua memberi pandangan tentang pelbagai isu. politik ker,pendidikan ke, gejala sosial ker... apa-apa ajer yang berkenaan.

Anonymous said...

name of blog - Politik Malaysia by Dr Yan

contect: politics, current issues

r.iskandar said...

content:politics, current events


Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,

Blog name: Without Prejudice

Content: current issues, local politics, law.

bongkersz said...

Blog Name: The Flaccid Mind
Content: Politics, current issues, social critics, personal ramblings.

Anonymous said...

2kali5 (mengata dulang paku serpih)

Ke arah Malaysia yang harmoni

Razlan said...

pleast put in directory ..

thank you

adam said...

Content: Pro-aspirasi UMNO dan Politik UMNO.


Unknown said...

Please add mine! Thanks! daily life stuffs!

Unknown said...

Pleased consider including my blog in the SOPO directory.

I fokus mainly on experiences and life as an expat. Currently living in Dubai.


Lawyer Kampung said...

Contents: Socio-political


Blog Name: Lawyer Kampung

Blogger subscribed: Since September 2005

Wakmasnoor said...

political related matter and/or elaboration.


Wak Masnoor

Amir said...

blog: amirmyview


Anonymous said...

Blog Name: Meniti Arus Transformasi
Content: Politics, current issues, social critics, personal ramblings.

Owner: Abd Aziz Taip

ilang sarawak said...

This is the beginning of a new chapter for Sarawak towards a better future...Politics, current issues, sports, education, entertainment..

Anonymous said...

Sham&Nisa - world Of Bakery
brief description of content:
food, bakery , wedding cake , muffin

Faizal said...
my blog contained a discussion about malaysian political arena....please surf it for more information!..

shahbandarmalakat said...

my blog:

On general topics,political opinions and Islamic views, specifically sufism
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Name: Tempua
Focusing on political and social commentaries

Anonymous said...

Blog url:
Blog name: Putih Hitam Kelabu
Content: Politics especially in Penang, complaints

Musang Terbang said...

Visit my thingking. Regarding Malaysian interest i.e. politics.

Thank you.


Nadlique said...

Author: Nadlique

Blog Name: Nadlique's Blog of Financial Freedom

Blog URL:

Content: investment, trading, personal finance, wealth creation, current affairs, personal

Anonymous said...


Email :

TTDI Jaya Shah Alam
Social, Currents Issues , Politics and Residents Activities.

Date of Blog: 25th December, 2007.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Salam Bahagia.

ADUN-YB Haji Yaakop Bin Sapari
Email :

Politics, Current Issues, Activities and Economics.

Please promote. Thanks.

Syaliza Abdul Rahman said...

Hi :o)

Thank you for coming with such a great directory :o) Is it possible to recommend another person's blog? If yes, I'd like to recommend these blogs to be listed:

Name: Pakpayne/Ariffin
Blog 1: A Clear Blue Sky
Blog 2: Bakpo - A Clear Blue Sky

Both blogs focus on character building, wisdom, sharing experiences by a Malaysian who lives abroad.

Thank you :o)

Anonymous said...

my personal blog

Anonymous said...

Salam..tlg add these blog.TQ

mks134 :

Anonymous said...

dear bro,

plz promote my blog too

dreams and desires from sarawakian!

Unknown said...

Thanks in advance,

Business, Commerce, and Market

Ezo said...

Salam sejahtera......

Blogger dari timur tengah,jejaka yang sedang merantau dan menimba ilmu,perihatin terhadap senario politik tanah air....

Nama samaran : Ezo

Blog saya :

Tumpuan : Pendidikan dan politik

Anonymous said...

Salam Hormat,

Content : Political and Current Issues, General

Language : Bahasa Malaysia

Tagline: Kisah dibawah pohon mempelam tanah ujung Malaysia.

ilhamghaz... said...

Dear Blogger,

Welcome to my blog, that one we can share of the issue,idea,opinion,creativity etc...

my personal blog:

content: general, politics, current issue, sports, education, Islamic, creativity etc....

thx..see u there!

Anonymous said...

Panas dan terkini himpunan isu2 semasa dari pelbagai blog

akulani said...

name of blog - inilah pakatan rakyat malaysia by dpaka

contect: politics, current issues

Anonymous said...

nic: paulnaidu
blogname: bombay duck
contents: political

Sang Pemantau said...

tau takpe :

content: politics and news arkib.

Unknown said...

Collection of best articles or write-up from any source....

Dave Avran said...

dave avran
Spanking DA Monkey (so po and satire)
been blogging for 3 years. old blog
thank you

KOWASA said...

Darmawi Hamdani - "Dari Dalam Diri"



Dr. Abdul Wahab Arbain said...

Islam dan pendidikan

baru setup. persendirian.

Anonymous said...

Content: General, politics & current issues etc.


A.S. Kasah said...

Content: Ethnicity, general

Tok Janggut said...

bermatlamatkan menaik dan menjaga maruah melayu dan mengikut prinsip Islam yang mengamalkan kasih dan sayang, adil dan saksama, bijak dan berstrategi, merancang masa depan dengan baik, bertanggungjawab, berdisiplin dan mehamai jiwa rakyat tanpa batasan agama dan bangsa di dalam pemerintahan.

IES Agencies said...

My blog is
My Anger, It may be yours too

Anonymous said...

Blog saya dikategorikan untuk general (am), politik, pendidikan, sejarah yang diluahkan melalui kaca mata seorang pendidik.



azharudin akasah said...

blog name : fakulti kehidupan
url :
politics, melayu, perjuangan, golf, mind psychology
name : azharudin hj. akasah

SS Quah said...


Name of blog: Anything Goes

Content: social issues, environment, some political observations, current issues, personal thoughts

Ruzt said...

Dear Admin

Please list

The blog title is
"Changing Our Mindset"
-Suara Kita Ke Arah Malaysia Yang Lebih Berkredibiliti!

content:- political view/issues, current national issues, sharing of real Malaysian citizens experince

Thank you

che mat said...

Dear Admin,

Please list my blog. Tq.

Name: che mat

Title: Buah Fikiran


Content: my own opinion on general and political issues

Anonymous said...

Blog Name: Black & White

Contents: Read, relax and reminisce. Humour, interesting news, nostalgia, satire, special message, and miscellaneous.

Sulaiman Esa said...

Sulaiman Esa
Malaysian Art

nik said...

nic : nik
blogname : The blog for professionals
url :
descr. : tech, it, engr, islam, politics, general

bahazain said...

Selamat datang ke blog saya
Teks pribadi tentang disorientasi sosial-budaya dan pengucapan yang tertumpah dlm kebebasan kreatif

Anonymous said...

Jejak Ba'alawi

general, politics,personal,religious
Islamic views and history,
Thank you

Anonymous said...


Maybe I was a little late, but here's my blog particulars;

link :

name of blog - Jebat Must Die

contect: politics, current issues

Ahli UMNO Gombak said...

my website add

name of blog - UMNO Bahagian Gombak

contect: politics, current issues at Gombak

AnakGombak said...

my website add

name of blog - UMNO Bahagian Gombak

contect: politics, current issues at Gombak

Aspirasi said...

Content : Malay Issues, Politics and Current Issues

Aspirasi Bangsa

Untuk mereka yang sayangkan bangsa Melayu...

Unknown said...

Here come the heavyweight blog specifically built to counter one of the most worst persona non grata person name Anwar.
While most other Malay's were either remain complacent or remain dull and be blough by this political chameleon's Anwar, syeikh Mahadzira whom is the MYKMU.NET hardcore member or you might call the ultra giga duo core Malay were offering and acting like an old version of Hang Nadim.[wich in Singapore Case 'dilanggar todak' Nadim is a nine years old]
Nevertheless the syeikh is here to fight on ketuanan melayu and DEB for the malay cause. The climax might be his win over Anwar slack ambition on becoming the 6 prime minister of Malaysia.
So what ever version and thinking group or sex life you are practising remember that the only Syeikh M aim are this ''Cleopatra Jantan'' type of person. You know what I mean.
So admmin better host my blog a.s.a.p

Salam ikhlas from,
syeikh mahadzira
Kpg Batu Belah

Anonymous said...

Melayu BODOH!

SiVa ChAnRu said...

Hello here is my blog URL,

title: My Voice

My name: SCHanru

Anonymous said...

http://editorialblog, adalah suara diluahkan oleh para editor kanan MSM di Malaysia. Blog ini adalah di dalam bahasa Melayu.

~MataHatiJohor~ said...

Selamat Datang ke 'MELAYU : Sayangkan Bangsa Mu' di

Blog ini membincangkan Isu Semasa Politik Melayu Malaysia Pasca PRU12secara Berani, Ikhlas, Jujur, Telus & Tulus bagi Memperkasa Kuasa & Kelangsungan Ketuanan Melayu di Bumi Malaysia berdasarkan Semangat 'Sayangkan Bangsa'.

Anonymous said...

Blog Name: aminusone
Content: personal ramblings.

Blog Name: shout! @
Content: blog update for bloggers

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
(kelan KPMU Utara)

Ms Pame said...

Trap in teenage life and angel's whispers. Try to be the best. Ignore the deepest feeling but will expose you to somewhere particular eyes may not seen but heart can sense.

Welcome to my blog.


Anonymous said...

nic, mazwandi

name of blog, pemuda islam rasa

politics etc,...:)

Mawardi said...

Blog Name: Reflection


Content: Politics

Anonymous said...


Appreciate to list my website:

Aggregator of notable and outstanding blog posts on socio-political and current issues


fie the elf said...

Nick: Fie the Elf
Name of Blog: //Plastic Waste
Content: general, politics, personal, current issues

Anonymous said...

Dear Admin,

Please list my blog. Tq.

Name: Sulaiman Esa
Title: Mystical Reality


Content: Pass and current issues and comments on Malaysian Art and Artists.

Anonymous said...

Nick: Fluxevz
Name of Blog: Fluxevz
Content: general,lil bit of politics, personal and others

abg mat gemala lembu juling said...

nick :abg mat gemala lembu juling
contents:politics and current issues

Sipapan-Kekunci said...

my website add

name of blog - Dari papan-kekunci

content: politics, current issues

Pemuda Pelapis said...

Selamat sejahtera...

Blog Politik:
"Memperjuangkan Hak dan Kebenaran"

Nama Blog:

Blog URL:

Nama Pena:
Pemuda Pelapis

Terima kasih!

abg mat gemala lembu juling said...


blog kisah-kisah politik semasa, gaya orang kampung....

independentman said...

Politics and/or current issues.

Cikgu Musri said...

hallo bro.. harap dapat list my blogspot dalam sopo-sentral. my url Thanks

sakmongkol n20 said...

ariff sabri/sakmongkol n20/social and political commentaries. hello. pls list my blog.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

check out blog. social and political commentaries.

Mazlan, said...

My blog:
(touch on family,current issues and opinion)
(touch on batik gallery of design,fashions and arts)

epain said...

my blog:

touch on sports mostly msian sports....

touch on other issues but try hardest to avoid politics except politics in sport...

Anonymous said...

Nick: Aminudin
Blog name: Seaweed url:
Description: Current Issue ...Seaweed in Sabah is Good Investment!

mantra-indeeptots said...

Name : deep tots

Welcome deep thougths from anyone on social politics, lifestyle, religion and current issues

Unknown said...


Plzz.... listkan blog saya

Anonymous said...

my website add

name of blog - NashRiza's

contect: current issues, technologies

Persatuan Sejahtera Kuantan ( PSK ) said...

Persatuan Sejahtera Kuantan (PSK)

sebuah NGO untuk kesejahteraan penduduk kuantan; kerjasama dengan Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS), Jabatan Parit Saliran (JPS), Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan (MPK), Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM), jabatan2 & NGO lain d.l.l


name of blog - Bukit Semut Bongkok

Description: general, current issues, humour, etc.

(Language; Bahasa)

Anonymous said...

Blog Name: Kadayan Universe

The most comprehensive kadayan resources on the net. Kadayan - people of Borneo.

Content: National politics, current issues, social critics, Kadayan-related articles.

Languages: English, Bahasa


Saya Md Isa.

Sila lawati blog saya di

Blog politik semasa Malaysia.

mie said...

content: general, politics, personal, etc.

Justin Choo said...

Contents: Read, relax and reminisce. Humour, interesting news, nostalgia, satire, sarcasm, special message, and miscellaneous.

My Blog Url:

Anonymous said...

Genre: Sosial & Political

kulatlapok said...

Untuk semua bloger;

bole saling kunjung mengunjungi;

dauz said...

Nick: dauz
Content: Ada segalanya


Anonymous said...

hello Bro...
My name Annuar Wajidi from
please put my blog under adventure/travel

tajudin said...


Content: Current issues, satire, humourous analysis of current regional and international affairs, politics, Muslims affairs, general & personal.

Malaysian based. Dwi-Language -- Bahasa/English.


Seal in Astral said...

my website add

Nic: Seals

contect: politics, current issues, my travel photos, incidents, informations


blog : nginapsrengenge

content ; nostalgic events, currents event, alumni ,politics,
educational , literature.

Everybody Has A Story said...


Contents: Randomm topics from provocating thoughts & insight, politics,life challengers, songs, movies etc

► madi ◄ said...




Mr Naim said...

:: The Chapter of Life ::

content : About my self,Dakwah(Main),Self motivation,Health,politic,Science and Technology

Anonymous said...

Name: Hasyuda Abadi
Content: Literature and Current Issues
Language: Malay

Ariff Sabri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gelombang Rakyat said...

Zubli Zainordin.

A Total Blog.

Malaysian Politics.

A Total Understanding of Leader, and what are related, in understanding what has happened, what is happening, and what shall happen, from the Malaysian 12th to the 13th General Election.

Anonymous said...

"Unleash the Potential of Youth"

Covers Malaysian Politics,Social and Safety Issues.Mostly Sarawak Politics,National and also Sabah Politics
Thank You.

Firdaus Omar said...

Firdaus Omar

Dedicated to Pencinta Islam and Bukit Indah's Folks

Anonymous said...

The STAR is not fair and moderate paper. It is a Chinese paper in English. It will publish Chinese judeges lies as facts when Ian Chin is an obvious anti Malay Government judge. The Chief Justice must take action to remove Chin since he claimed he is not able to perform due to mental stress...

. said...

my blog

fokus: isu semasa, siasah dakwah dari kaca mata mahasiswa universiti islam antarabangsa malaysia UIAM dan gabungan pelajar melayu semenanjung GPMS

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice one blog. Much of useful information. It's my pleasure to post a comment.
Am also wanted to get backlink from your site to my blog. Below is the info of my lovely blog:

Name: Ke Arah Keusahawanan Internet Terbilang
nick: Asharudin
category: Keusahawanan Internet, Informasi Bisnes Internet.
description:Berkongsi Idea & Pengalaman, Tips Perniagaan Internet, Panduan Serta Informasi

Ariff Sabri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mantra-indeeptots said...

Email -

Ariff Sabri said...

my name is mohd ariff sabri bin abdul aziz. i write mostly on social and political issues. my blogs are:- and
most grateful if you could list my blog. read my criticisms on UMNO and Najib. thanks very much. with best ragards.

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

Nick - |1f34|-|1r3
BLOG - My Life 4 Hire
CONTENTS - mostly on politics, news review, entertainment, technology.
Email - refer to my comment

Anonymous said...

My blog is about property in South East Asia.

kulatlapok said...

Selamat Melayari Blog 'CENDAWAN MALAYA'

sila ke

kzahmad said...


Please list this blogspot in sopo

cheers from malaysian in bahrain

balan said...

Name : Balan Kumar
Name of blog : From Kluang to KL
Brief description : Politics & Social Issues

Anonymous said...

An Economic and Political View from a Reporter in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

nic : nahmy
blog's name : haticeria
url :
desc : general and current issue, a view from afar!

Paul said...

name of blog: bombayduck
issues: socio-politics
updated: daily

will be delighted if you could include bombayduck in you directory tks

Anonymous said...

Salam dari

Obefiend Weiland said...


add my blog into the list. i dont write exclusively on SOPO but i try to have one entry about it per week ( i updated my blog on a daily basis). Check out my PLITIKALZZ tag for them.

content: life obeservation,living in the 80-90's.. and the usual commentary on malaysian life. i've been writing for 3 years now. please add me.

shastrishah said...


My blog is called MEDIA WATCH.

To visit pl go to

My blog is about media monitoring, developments, slant, spin and people.

My e mail is

Anonymous said...

sila layari dan komen

Elbaritii said...

Salam dan selamat pagi.

Blog saya : Abu Ihsan Elbaritii
Nama pena saya : Abu Ihsan
Url :

Tentang: Politik,Pendidikan Islam, Coretan, Perbankan Islam

Terima kasih

Unknown said...

Hyder Tan ,
Depressive Generation , ,politics

Anonymous said...

my nic- super randy name of blog- biar benar url add- content- general and current social issues

Albakr Allatifi said...

Dear there,
May you be able to list my blogs.
Writing about politic of Malaysia.
Sort of biography of our life from pre-merdeka years until now.


Anonymous said... - blog: the tyrants of Malaysia. url:

description: satirical comics of currents political issues in Malaysia

KS Cheah said...

Hi there! Please register my blog as follows:

Nick Name: Tigermania

Blog: Nocturnal Mind

Blog Address:


Cheah Keat Swee

While Waiting for the World to End said...

my website add:

name of blog - flava of the week

contect: some politics, some current issues


R@duan said...

Anonymous said...

Blog Name: The Dandelions

Blog Url:

Ilusi Dalang said...

Blog Name : Ilusi Dalang
Content : Malaysia Politic, World Politic, Music, Arts, History

Nostradamus said...

Author: Patek1472

Nickname: Nostradamus

Blog Name:Patek1472 Weblog

Blog URL:

Categories: politics, social, prophesies.


Unknown said...

Author: SM Maulana

Nickname: Wangsadaily

Blog Name:"Wangsadaily the truth news"

Blog URL:

Categories: politics, social, business,world News,news mixed,sains technologies,English/Bahasa.


Kim Chew said...

Blog Title: Two Cents Worth

张永慧 Yong Wei Chong Gabrielle said...

Content: LGBT (lesbian,gay, bisexual,transsexual) rights in Malaysia.


s_hezrin said...

tag: redefine politics.
content: neautral platform on malaysian politics


my said...

Sila tambah blog saya

Anonymous said...

(News, Careers, Motivations, Economics, Politics, Islam & World)


Dear Sir,
My Blog
My blog is about "hidup dan kehidupan" establish early July 2008.


Anonymous said...

Kadayan Journal

ondscene said...

Rakaman Kejadian di tempat kejadian yang berlaku sekeliling kita dan berbagai berita dan foto yang mungkin tiada di dalam media lain...!!!

Content: News- on the scene

Anonymous said...


Been a self-proclaimed "SoPo Analyst" for a long time.

Now decided to put my thots in writing via a blog, as the use of traditional method,i.e. a diary is no fun.

My blog:

Appreciate if it could be listed in the directory.


Hacko Z said...

hi there~

category: education


Anonymous said...

Blog URL:

Name of blog: Recovery From Drug Addiction

Nickname: 287cendana

Description: The treatment, rehabilitation and recovery processes from drug addiction; for recovering & active addicts and their loved ones

Categories: Health, Addiction, Recovery, Drugs, Social, Motivational, Current Issues

Unknown said...

content : general, education

name : bits and pieces

Anonymous said...


Appreciate if you could list

MY Portal

CJCM, The Kuala Lumpur Traveler

callmedada said...

politic, funny ect...macam macam ada.

Chow MK said...

Here is a Politics Government Blog,

click at

Started to aim for Sakai in the year of '98 when uncivilized, unfairness, masked villain was out there!

Udenikov said...

1. content: personal

2. content: politics,current issues

Anonymous said...

thought,politics,complaints and life style

Anonymous said...

Hello Bro,
my website add

name of blog - Kedah Daily

content: politics, current issues, general

Anonymous said...

Wow . . . Good Info,
thanks for this posting . . .
my web add :

abu domdom said...

general, current issues,


opcharlie said...

hi there,

Name of site: Drill & Grill
Contents: Thoughts on Malaysian political developments, Royal Military College, and oil&gas industry
Nick Name: opcharlie

Anonymous said...

Name of site: Jaredsdad's Weoblog
Contents: Opinion and thoughts on Malaysian politics, current issues and the future of the nation.
Nick Name: jaredsdad

Anonymous said...

please add my website

name of blog - apa-apa aje

content - general

Hasbullah Pit said...

Kindly please ...

1. Change URL of "Beras Padu" (RSS Agregator) to

2. Add
Beras terpilih

3. Replace "Blog Tak Berdaftar Yang Perlu Dipantau" ( to
"Hasbullah Pit" (

And I would like to suggest "MalaysiaKita (Malay)" to be linked at since it owned by Penarik Beca too

valencias said...

content: political opinion, general, sports, education, complaints, etc

Idealis Malaysia said...

content; political issue , education, idea, youth problem/general

AmBuTiT said...

General, Politics, current issues, news

indica said...

content: general, leisure, lifestyle etc.

Anonymous said...

Dear bro
my content, politics, general interest and current issues

dRPc said...

blog name: isu-isu semasa
nickname editor: JebatFansuri

yiemega said...

Blog Politik
Suara Generasi Muda Malaysia

yang benar,


Anonymous said...

Hi, as below my blog info. be please to link :-)

Owner: Shaiful Bakhtiar bin Rodzman

name of blog: Kumbang Pemalu


Content :Politic analysis,critic, student issues and personal view


mdyusoffdaud said...

Forum perbincangan isu-isu pendidikan

Anonymous said...

politics, personal commentaries on current affairs

A darkConscience on the deCadent state of affairs..

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I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.” - Voltaire